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Geographical Information Systems

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are frequently used to deliver the results of environmental modeling assignments.

CFD Solutions Ltd uses STEMgis GIS software that enables us to deliver work products that combine spatial and time-dependent data.  These stand-alone work products do not require the use of special components and permit the user to perform time-series analysis of the database information as required. 

We have found these systems to be extremely helpful in distributing information to stakeholders involved in permitting exercises.  They can also be expanded to form a Management Information System which permits effective re-use of a range of data from different sources (CFD, field data, operations data)  thereby gaining more value from stakeholder data and providing an integrated system for facilities management.

The systems have also been very effective in explaining complex hydraulic and inter-linked issues to the public and to various environmental regulatory bodies.

STEMgis integration of model and field data results

Integrated animation of tidal flow patterns/vectors

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