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Chamber Design

Treatment plant inlet chamber designThe incorrect design of a distribution chamber can produce imbalances to downstream flows.  This can result in the overloading of one stream and can lead to the under-performance of an entire treatment plant. 

CFD analyses can be used to help develop corrective measures that balance flows and enable a plant to work more efficiently.

In this analysis, CFD was used to study the performance of an inlet chamber designed to feed a series of activated sludge treatment tanks.  During a particular operational phase at this facility a significant overload was experienced in one of the tanks causing it to under-perform and pass forward excessive amounts of solids.

The results of our analysis predicted the formation of a "boil" on the water surface and its resulting effect on the downstream flow-split.  This enabled CFD Solutions Ltd to identify the most cost effective and reliable corrective measures used to solve the problem.  In this case, the use of inexpensive inlet cowls eliminated the surface disturbance and greatly improved the balance of flow to the treatment systems downstream.

Free-surface and flow bias with one treatment lane in decant-mode

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