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Data Analysis

Field data and model calibration comparisonsData analysis is a very important part of all our projects at CFD Solutions Ltd.   Numerical modeling of all types requires some form of calibration and validation with either field or laboratory data sets. Our services include the skills required to get the most from our studies & client data and present the results in an effective manner.

Whether the project requires analysis in the time-domain or the frequency-domain we have the experience to provide standard or bespoke tools to do the job. These include:

  • Time-Series Characterization and Analysis
  • Frequency & Spectral Analysis
  • Statistical Analyses
  • Tidal Analysis for Elevations and Currents

Frequency analysis of tidally driven parameters from field dataFor projects that require the development of bespoke tools, we deliver results in a variety of formats, from simple and familiar macros for use in standard applications, to the development of custom software specific to a task.

Our approach is never to be constrained by standard technologies, but to be flexible and to develop our own software source code to address any project requirement. Typical software developments have included: 

  • CFD Model Customization
  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) Development
  • Software Tools for Client Specific Protocols
  • Results Integration with Temporal & Spatial GIS

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