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Microfluids Technologies

FLOW3D simulation of micro-droplet interaction and well-fillingMicrofluids is emerging as one of the most important sectors of MEMS technology. It encompasses the fabrication of microscopic channels, nozzles, pumps, and valves used to mix and regulate microscopic quantities of fluids.

This technology is finding greater acceptance in the fields of printing, medicine, chemistry, clinical analysis and forensics (to name but a few) and embraces many important applications areas including Inkjet Printing, Micro-Total-Analysis Systems and Lab-on-a-Chip.

Typical processes simulated with CFD include:

  • printing
  • fluid coating
  • droplet impact and spreading
  • fluid separation
  • electro-wetting
  • surface wetting behaviour and control

CFD Solutions Ltd have provided detailed design services in CFD analysis of many inkjet printing and related components and our client list has included;

  • Pattering Technologies Ltd 
  • Hewlett Packard (DIMO) Ireland
  • FujiFilm Electronic Imaging

Due to the particular commercial sensitivities in this market sector we operate a strict non-disclosure policy on any client related material.  Whilst it is not possible to illustrate graphics from or discuss any of these specific projects or technologies, we are always happy to provide general advice and specific proposals in new market sectors and to new clients, usually following negotiations and establishment of formal NDA constraints.


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